• Energy Efficient Roofing - Save up to 20%
• Maintenance Free - the Ideal Solution for any Type of Structure
• 50-Year Warranty

Do you want to make a good investment and be very efficient at the same time? Try our standing seam metal roofing for your home, garage, pole building, Horse barn, or pavilion!

This solution is also an energy-saving product that will pay for itself over time. Homeowners reportedly save up to 20% in cooling cost and also increasing the value of a building or home.

This roof is installed with a hidden fastening system which keeps the roof surface completely free from any penatration of nails and screws, making it a leak-free roof.

With having a 50-YEAR WARRANTY, this roof will outlast shingle and tile roofs. Add this enhancement to your dream home or building and you will have a finished product to be proud of!

Perfect for homes, Pavilions, Entrances and Covered Walkways